Napoleon Ice Chair

When you’re dressing a room for a special event, ice chairs or ghost chairs are a fantastic way to make a statement. Made from durable clear acrylic, they are sturdy and comfortable yet provide a beautiful almost invisible effect, which can be accentuated with coloured lighting. They’re ideal for smaller spaces, as they don’t take up too much visual space, and can be combined with LED lit tables for a beautiful fairytale look.

The Napoleon ice chair is a classic choice, with a traditional 18th century French design combined with modern technology for a look that fits perfectly in any setting. The luxurious cushioned seat pad ensures that your guests will enjoy a comfortable event, no matter how long the evening may be, and the clear acrylic means that these chairs will always look stunning, both in person and in photographs of the event.


Victoria Ghost Chair

Another style classic, the Victoria Ghost Chair features a rounded medallion-style backrest with geometric modern lines, made in sturdy yet elegant plastic and available in clear, smoked or black varieties.

Ideal for luxurious events from weddings to award ceremonies, these adaptable side chairs add style and flair to any setting and have been featured in style magazines.

38cm W x 89cm H x 52cm D
47cm Seat Height


Charles Ghost Stool

Sometimes, you may decide that stools fit your setting better than a chair, and for those occasions the Charles Ghost Stool is a perfect choice. With an elegant shape that recalls furniture of the 19th century and a very distinct look, this transparent yet sturdy stool is ideal for any venue.


Camelot Ice Chair

The ideal chair for an outdoor setting, with its subtle bamboo effect shaping, the Camelot Ice Chair is equally at home at indoor venues. Made from clear acrylic, like other ice chairs it will catch the ambient lighting of your venue and reflect it in a subtle glow. Unlike other ice chairs, the Camelot’s construction offers more connection points where the light can gather and reflect for a more spectacular effect. If you have a concentrated beam in your lighting set, this can create an almost magical sparkle around the edges of the chairs, as if they’re trimmed with crystals – a stunning effect which can’t be created with lights alone.


Camelot Limewash Chairs

For a lovely traditional effect, Camelot limewash chairs are an excellent choice. Perfect for outdoors events and light, bright venues, at home in marquees and unusual venues alike, this is a wonderful seating solution.

Camelot chairs are designed with turned backs and legs, creating a bamboo-like effect that’s perfect for leafy venues with plenty of plants, Thirties Deco style or Colonial settings and both formal and informal events.

The pale and elegant colours of the limewash finish, accentuated by the jointed finish, and the comfortable padded seats make them stunning in country themed events and complemented with pastel flower arrangements – the possibilities are practically endless.

These chairs are available in a Natural limewash effect, Gold and Antique gold, black, silver, mahogany, white and Ice effect.


Dior Chairs

Louis chair hire are proud to offer these luxury Dior chairs to hire for weddings private parties and luxury events.  Availble in 4 different colours to suit all events. Rose gold Dior chairs, Gold Dior chairs, black and gold Dior chairs and Silver Dior chairs. 


Seat Pads

Louis chair hire are proud to offer these chairs with any colour seat pad so it can match your colour scheme. Seat pads are available in our luxury damask, silk taffeta and regency, these are bespoke for each and every event.


New Cross Back Rustic Chair

Louis Chair Hire are proud to offer these 2 Cross back chairs in Limewash and in Oak finish. The chairs come with a pure linen seat pad. Any colour seat pad available. These chairs are great for rustic venues, churches, Victorian building or can fit in any modern venue or hotel creating a natural look.

Our Natural Hessian table cloths will make a great compliment to any dressed table.